Independent, active and connected members of society

We believe in a society where people with learning disabilities and autism are independent, active and connected members of society, where they have a meaningful occupation, and where their contribution is recognised and valued.

To help build this society, we run farm-based programmes where people can engage in purposeful, outdoor activities that improve physical health and well-being, foster a sense of community, and allow the development and strengthening of skills and abilities. We have seen that this can change people’s lives.

NEWS FLASH!! FarmAbility in the Farmer’s Guardian!

We were thrilled to read Emily Ashworth’s article interviewing Raul about his experience taking co-farmers to Blenheim. Raul reflects on how farming environments offer fantastic workplaces and a rich range of opportunities for people with learning disabilities – sentiments entirely supported by Blenheim’s Head Shepherd and his team!

You can read the article here: