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Our co-farmers

FarmAbility’s co-farmers are women and men over 16 years of age with learning disabilities, some of whom also have autism, and who like being outdoors and enjoy taking part in purposeful activities, such as egg collecting and grading, growing vegetables, caring for farm animals and horses, woodworking, and a range of seasonal farm tasks. Our co-farmers come to the farm between 1 and 3 days each week, throughout the year.

What our co-farmers say

This is a letter written by our co-farmer Hannah, to FarmAbility, after she had a short hospital stay. Hannah is 28 years old and comes to FarmAbility once a week, supported by her support workers.  Hannah loves working with the horses, and loves taking our dogs on walks.

To All My Friends at FarmAbility

When I get home after a day at FarmAbility, I feel as though I have been smiling all day. You make me feel really special. The peace and tranquillity really helps my difficult to control epilepsy. It gives me peace of mind. My co-famers are fun and friendly and always helpful. I really enjoy being with the horses. It’s really therapeutic and grooming them is relaxing although ‘Breeze’ can be like a child, ‘hard work’!

Apple Day was a great day, it’s fun and a chance for everyone to bring their family and friends along to meet every one at FarmAbility. Apple pressing is good fun and tastes delicious. Also on Apple Day as co-farmers we get to show our family and friends what we do and talk about the animals on the farm and what we grow.

Love from Hannah.